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Shenzhen COSUN Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

Laser dotted LGPs (light guide panels), LED light boxes, edge-lit LED panel lights

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  • Phone: +86-755-2835-1026
  • Mobile: +86-139-2520-1381
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    No. 2 Workshop, No. 7 Fuping Middle Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China
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Company Profile
COSUN Lighting is a specialized manufacturer of laser dotted LGP (light guide panel) and derivatives including LED light boxes and edge-lit LED panel lights. COSUN pioneered the development and manufacturing of LGP in 2011. Today the company is the largest LGP supplier in South China. COSUN's PMMA laser dotted LGPs are known for large dimensions, high luminous efficiency, excellent lighting uniformity, good stability and weather fastness. Its products find an array of applications including general lighting, display lighting and medical film lighting.

By leveraging its core competencies in LGP COSUN Lighting is proactively building its presence in the light box market. The perfect combination of LGP and LED offsets the disadvantages of bulk traditional light boxes and revolutionized the advertising display market. Available in a snap frame, wall mount, ceiling hung or freestanding aluminum frame panels, COSUN's ultra-thin lightboxes are sleek, contemporary and vibrant while offering ease in interchanging graphics, installation and operation. COSUN's products utilize specifically designed aluminum extrusions which interlock together, LGPs with custom dot pattern design to offer optimal light output and uniform distribution, and high efficiency LED modules with efficient heat dissipation and flux binning. They are doomed to capture attention from all angles and locations, allowing retailers, visual merchandisers and designers to enhance the core values of their brands.

Operating out of a 15,000 square meter manufacturing facility that is ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 certified, COSUN Lighting engineers, manufactures and tests its products in accordance with the highest standards of specification grade requirements to ensure all products deliver high performance over their long life. With a sophisticated infrastructure and a robust technology portfolio, COSUN Lighting is uniquely positioned to offer a full turn­key solution.
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